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    Membrane charter

    • Automatic film wrapping machine
    Automatic film wrapping machine

    Automatic film wrapping machine

    Heat shrinkable packaging machine with automatic cover seal is a new type of packaging machine developed by the same type in our factory. It is widely used in the packaging of beverage, food, pharmaceutical and chemical products. Without bottom support, no carton, both square and circular, flat packaging can be perfect, visual effect is good, low cost packaging. This machine adopts new and optimized design, PLC automatic control, man-machine interface tracking, accurate positioning. The sub package enters the state to eliminate the lack of bottle, inverted bottle, flexible adjustment, safe and beautiful. Adjustable hot air circulation structure, suitable for all kinds of heat shrinkable film (including color printing), film replacement fast and simple, fault warning, complete stop lock, reliable operation. It can provide a stable quality, stable and reliable, long time continuous production to provide a solid guarantee.
    The whole machine is made of high quality steel and stainless steel. The structure is compact and reasonable, durable, and the effect of energy saving is remarkable. A new type of shrinkable film automatic packaging machine with independent intellectual property rights is the first choice equipment for the beverage filling production line.

    2. The composition and working principle of the equipment
    1. The equipment is made up of the following parts
    The bottle conveying mechanism conveying packing required items.
    The bottle, the bottle blocking mechanism: traffic transmission and control of packaging stroke.
    The isolation mechanism: separated bottles and bottle packaging for bottles.
    The push bottle, a bottle body: push items to the sealing station.
    The bottle pressing mechanism to prevent and ensure complete sealing and cutting down a bottle.
    It film conveying mechanism conveying packaging film.
    The film, heat sealing and cutting mechanism: sealing films covering film.
    Very hot air circulation device: complete thermal contraction.
    High temperature resistant, conveying mechanism: in high temperature stable conveying products and thermal contraction.
    I have finished bearing device: finished short-term parking.
    2: cooling device cooling products, easy to transfer the product to the required position without breaking the bag, do not pack.
    The fault alarm device: prompt operator troubleshooting.
    Let PLC program control: automatic control system.

    3. The principle of work
    The bottle or box that needs to be packed is reached through the channel formed by the bottle mechanism along the bottle plate. The signal is given by the photoelectric detection head on the upper part. The front bottle machine stops and the bottle plate is backward to release the stress produced by the extruding bottle. The flask plate falls, the bottle pressure plate drops and the bottle is separated from the waiting bottle. The bottle pushing mechanism works forward to make the packaging bottle reach the sealing and cutting position along the guide bottle mechanism and the thin film together. Meanwhile, the packing bottle which is completed on the front end is pushed into the conveyor belt in the heat shrinkable equipment at the same time, and the film feeding mechanism is also working at the same time. Then the film cylinder moves downwards, and then press the film heat sealing cutter to complete the action, sealing and cutting function. The packaging bottle pushed onto the high temperature conveyor belt completes the thermal contraction function while moving forward in the heat shrinkable device, and finally reaches the finished load bearing device after cooling and contracting by the cold air. The packaging automation is realized by the continuous repetition of the process.
    The action of the above process is controlled by the PLC program under the action of the compressed air, except the conveyer structure.

    Three. Technical parameters
    1. Equipment technical parameters
    Power: AC 380V/220V 50HZ
    Maximum power consumption: 24KW
    Actual consumption: 15KW/
    Working pressure: 0.6Mpa-0.8Mpa
    Required air compressor requirements: exhaust pressure: 0.8Mpa, flow: 0.3m3/min
    Shrinkage film materials: PE, PP, PVC, POF
    Packing film width: less than 600mm
    Packaging film thickness: 0.03~0.15mm
    Horizontal height of feed belt: 900+50mm
    Equipment dimensions: L6090 x L2680 x W2030 (mm)
    Total weight of equipment: 1200kg
    2, the technical parameters of product packaging
    Maximum package size: L400 x W300 x H390mm
    Minimum package size: L210 x W140 x H100mm
    Heat seal knife length: 700mm
    Shrinkage temperature: arbitrary adjustment at 260 degrees C
    Contraction time: 0-6S
    Heat sealing temperature: 150-200 degrees centigrade
    Maximum production speed: 8 packages / points
    Number of commonly used bottles (round or square)
    4 column 4 x 64 x 54 x 4 suitable bottle diameter: 40- diameter 73mm
    3 column 3 x 43 x 33 x 5 suitable bottle diameter: 73- diameter 98mm
    2 column 2 x 32 x 4 suitable bottle diameter: 98- diameter 140mm
    1 column 1 x 21 x 1 suitable bottle diameter: 140- diameter 300mm
    The number of bottles (round or square) applicable to the machine.
    (A) 5 column 5 x 55 x 65 x 8 suitable bottle diameter: 46- diameter 56mm
    (B) 6 column 6 x 66 x 86 x 10 suitable bottle diameter: 35- diameter 46mm
    (C) 8 column 8 x 88 x 108 x 12 suitable bottle diameter: 25- diameter 35mm
    Four, the main electrical accessories:
    1, the use of general name brand components, unified specifications, can be random interchangeable.
    2, the PLC programmable control system is used to ensure the accuracy and stability of the packaging process control.
    3, the Sino German joint venture, shrink machine motor, transmission speed frequency adjustable, achieve good effect of packaging.
    The touch screen controls the device's action control into a high precision and intelligent state. All actions are monitored. All kinds of alarm and PC state are displayed on the touch-screen. It makes the device run more safely and reliably, and it can move single step, and is easy to debug and maintain. The equipment is equipped with automatic alarm device to further improve the safety and reliability of the equipment.


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