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    Marking machine

    • Scaling machine
    Scaling machine

    Scaling machine

    Scaling machine

    Output power Power (KW): 2.5
    Input voltage Voltage (V): 3380V/220V
    Production speed Product speed (b/m): 400
    Suitable body diameter range: [Phi] 28mm- [Phi] 125mm
    The length of the label: 30mm~250mm
    Application of label thickness: 0.0350mm.13mm
    Internal diameter of applied paper tube: free adjustment of 75~78mm
    Size (mm): 2500L*1200Q*2200H
    The collocating machine of the set mark machine

    According to the characteristics of the set, it is improved from the mechanical structure, the circuit design and the intelligent control, and the H dual drive is adopted to improve the production efficiency. It can meet the needs of the big beverage producers, reduce the production cost and improve the productivity for the customers.
    Characteristics of the scaling machine for the set mark machine

    1. adjustable cutter disc: rotary multi azimuth cut off, smooth cutting surface, long life.
    The 2. label control frame: high precision electric eye magic eye monitoring center column tail segment label, improved label cutting precision.
    3. with the combination of the steam shrinking calibration machine and the electric heating calibration machine, the set standard is more perfect.
    4. positioning center guide column: the label delivery is smooth and stable.
    5. operation control box: humanized visual touch screen operation interface, the operation is more intuitive and convenient.
    6. synchronous bottle dividing device: the bottle is transported evenly and smoothly. The set standard is accurate and does not leak.
    Applicable object and schematic diagram

    1: applicable objects
    The machine has broken through the traditional set mark technology, it can set three to four kinds of sets of standard varieties in one machine, and only need to change moulds, it can achieve different varieties and models. Can meet bottle body, bottle mouth, full standard, half standard, bottle body one set standard shrink standard. On the basis of the standard YY-300M type, the higher configuration of the servo motor transmission line motor is equipped with the encoder, and the full line automatic non pole speed regulation. Suitable for a variety of plastic bottles, glass bottles, large bucket water, and other products industry.
    2: product sketch map

    This is the standard sets of standard machine shrink machine, customized non-standard equipment, the price can be negotiable directly with us.


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