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    Marking machine

    • Sleeve machine
    Sleeve machine

    Sleeve machine

    Technical parameters:
    Sleeve machine
    Input power (kw)
    One point five
    Input voltage (V)
    Production speed (bottle / score)
    Two hundred
    Suitable body diameter range (mm)
    28 - 125
    Suitable label length (mm)
    30~ 250
    Suitable label thickness (mm)
    0.03 ~0.13
    Internal diameter of paper tube (mm)
    5 "~10" free adjustment
    Host size (mm)
    Weight (kg)
    Two hundred and fifty
    Product features:
    The whole host machine: the whole machine waterproof cover type stainless steel does not rust;
    The adjustable cutter: original cyclotron cut, double blade, long service life;
    The single positioning center pillar: label delivery is more stable;
    The synchronous bottle bottle conveying: more stable;
    The label brush group: set of calibration accuracy is more accurate;
    The low maintenance cost of consumables;
    The exclusive design of reciprocating cutter, adopt rigid combination mechanism, smooth motion, tool life doubled.
    The multi bottle type elastic choice: can set round bottle, square bottle, elliptical bottles, can also choose to set the bottle or bottle.

    Working video principle and product schematic diagram

    1. working principle
    When the bottle pushing electric eye found bottle over and that it is necessary to continuous production when the bottle screw started pushing bottles (into the bottle screw is isometric to the bottle will not speed from the beginning of the new offset sub bottle), the core unit of the bottle into sets of standard system, when the set of standard induction electric eye to have the bottle over, immediately will transmit the information to the control center by PLC and PLC, in turn, continuous issued 4 instructions: send, positioning, label cutting, dart, dart when the end of a bottle labeling process is complete, after entering the label finishing, shrink unit.


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