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    Marking machine

    • Automatic marking machine
    Automatic marking machine

    Automatic marking machine

    Technical parameters:
    Automatic marking machine
    Input power (kw)
    One point five
    Input voltage (V)
    Production speed (bottle / score)
    Three hundred
    Suitable body diameter range (mm)
    28 - 125
    Suitable label length (mm)
    30~ 250
    Suitable label thickness (mm)
    0.03 ~0.13
    Internal diameter of paper tube (mm)
    5 "~10" free adjustment
    Host size (mm)
    Weight (kg)
    Three hundred
    According to the characteristics of the set, it is improved from the mechanical structure, the circuit design and the intelligent control to improve the production efficiency. It can meet the needs of the big beverage producers, reduce the production cost and improve the productivity for the customers.
    The dual drive device of the fully automatic marking machine:
    The H design of our organization has ensured the requirements of four wheel drive, automatic centering and four rounds of constant pressure. Due to the design of equal speed ratio, we have achieved the goal of set standard, smooth delivery, stable operation and fast marking.
    Suitable variety of fully automatic sleeve marking machine:
    This equipment breaks through the traditional set mark technology, it can set three to four kinds of sets of standard varieties in one machine, and only needs to change the mold, it can achieve different varieties and types of sets.


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