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    Our after-sales

    Welcome your company to choose the company production equipment, sincerely thank you for many years in hebei outstanding mechanical equipment used to support. We have always been proud of distinguished mechanical equipment of good quality. We guarantee that all outstanding equipment in normal use, excellence are durable. Warranty period, if there is any damage to the products, the company will be responsible for taking necessary remedial measures, and to protect the rights of customers.

    We will with advanced design, good material to ensure the quality of the equipment, fully meet the requirements of your company; Responsible for maintenance, since the date of installation of equipment, the products implement 12 months free on-site maintenance services, spare parts free replacement.

    Maintenance response time: in case of technical problems in the process of use and operation failure, our engineers will promptly by telephone to give answers, if can't solve the company promised since informed customers reach the site within 24 hours, and in the shortest possible time to repair.


    Contact: Guo Manager

    Phone: 18132326655

    Tel: 0310-6566620

    Email: 441520902@qq.com

    Add: Handan City, Hebei Province, the capital city of the capital city industrial city